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The Garden Club of Coral Springs, Inc. Gardenfest Coral Springs at “The Walk” of Coral Springs

Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions

Vendor equipment & supplies

Each vendor is responsible for bringing and providing the necessary equipment and supplies to do business at the Gardenfest. Gardenfest does not have and cannot loan, rent or in any way supply vendors with chairs, tables or tents. All vendors must display professional signage at each selling space identifying the business name. Signage must remain within the limits of the vendor’s selling space.

Booth Space

All booth spaces measure approximately 10’x10’.  Please bring suitable weights for the tents as they will be on a paved surface.. Gardenfest reserves the right to assign, limit the quantity of, or relocate space rented by a vendor. The sharing or subletting of booths is not permitted. Please discuss with the committee chairman prior to making your commitment to Gardenfest if you feel your situation warrants special consideration

Set Up, Break Down, Clean Up: Please note we will have Security on Saturday evening. Set-up starts Saturday at 7:00 am or earlier (special arrangements can be made) and must be completed by 8:30 a.m. and on Sunday restocking starts at 7:00 a.m. and must be completed by 8:30 a.m.  Your vehicle needs to be parked in the lot behind as people start arriving early. Break down starts after 5 p.m. on Sunday as there will an abundance of people still walking trying to purchase a last-minute buy and getting to their cars.  Absolutely no early breakdowns are allowed! Clean up: vendors will be responsible for all garbage removal from their space. Boxes that you bring with you must go home with you. Gardenfest will charge a cleanup fee of $25 for trash left in booth spaces.

Vehicles Gardenfest staff will supply convenient parking information prior to the event. We will have a ‘Will Call” area: customers can have larger purchases brought by to volunteers to be picked up later in the day.

Display & Presentation The Gardenfest committee reserves the right to control the look and visual impact of the Gardenfest site. vendors are responsible for creating a professional and visually attractive presentation. The Gardenfest committee reserves the right to request improvements in display if necessary or relocate booths. Vendors are encouraged to be friendly and helpful and to enjoy the event experience. No vendor may leave or breakdown until closing even if you run out of product.

Enforcement of Rules The Gardenfest Committee is responsible for enforcing the Gardenfest rules. Violations will be noted and discussed with the vendor and resolution attempted. Vendors selling prohibited items will be asked to remove those items or leave the site. You may not add additional products without prior Gardenfest approval. Continued violations will result in vendor expulsion from Gardenfest and forfeiture of all fees paid. Any vendor having a concern with the legitimacy of another vendor’s product or conduct or and other Gardenfest matter must file their concern or complaint in writing (signed and dated) with the Gardenfest committee. The Gardenfest committee will make every attempt to address all concerns and reach an equitable solution for all concerned.  Jeri Decker- 954-913-1616 Luanne Betz 954-895-2874